DAY 2: Planned Parenthood’s new abortion

Planned Parenthood equals abortion. As they go, so goes the abortion industry.

Of the 354 locations where 40 Days for Life campaigns are under way … prayer vigils are taking place outside 134 Planned Parenthood offices.

Planned Parenthood is closing facilities at a record pace, but they are currently trying to expand their 320,000 abortions per year with a new and dangerous procedure – telemed abortions.

In this highly unregulated procedure, a physician in one city “examines” a client in another city over the internet.

After a brief webcam interview, the client takes the first of two pills in the RU-486 abortion regimen. She is then sent away with the second pill, which she takes at home. Often alone. And that’s where her abortion actually takes place … without any medical supervision.

This “service” may be on its way to Planned Parenthood centers that do not currently offer abortions – maybe even one in your city. Get the inside information on this abortion procedure from former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer on this 40 Days for Life podcast episode.

Whether there’s a Planned Parenthood office in your community – or an independent abortion facility or a hospital where abortions take place – your prayers are crucial.

It’s time to join the closest 40 Days for Life campaign!