DAY 10: “You need to have an abortion”

“She didn’t want to have an abortion,” said a 40 Days for Life team member in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“But she felt like she had no choice.”

In fact, a doctor had told this woman that abortion was her only option because of the risk of disabilities. Thankfully, the day she arrived at Planned Parenthood, there were people praying and counseling on the sidewalk.

The abortion industry targets children with disabilities. However, this cold mentality toward these children is no match for the love a mother has for her child. Here’s an example.

Manchester, New Hampshire

A woman was on the verge of tears as she told her story on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood in Manchester.

In Boston, a doctor had told her the pregnancy could create serious long-term health problems for her … and her child could face significant physical and mental challenges.

Abortion was the only “choice” she was offered.

One of the sidewalk counselors gently mentioned adoption, but as she’s already the mother of a small child, she said “I could never give my baby away.” She then turned and walked into Planned Parenthood.

When she left the building, she went back to the vigil. At first she had been told she could take the abortion pill, but now it was too late. She would have to have a surgical abortion, which she didn’t want.

The sidewalk counselor told them where they could obtain a second opinion … and also offered help at the local pregnancy center.

“When she had arrived, she looked defeated,” the volunteer said. “But when they walked out of Planned Parenthood for the last time … she came out looking strong and confident.”

She told the counselor, “I won’t do it!”

Please keep this mother and her child in your prayers.