DAY 11: Not a happy ending

We often share beautiful stories in these updates. But I’m not going to sugar coat this.

Not every story has a happy ending.

That’s especially true on Saturdays – the busiest day of the week at many abortion businesses.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Good news often comes from 40 Days for Life vigils. But far too often, the volunteers see sadness and despair.

One volunteer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin recounted what happened last Saturday at the vigil.

“A man came out looking sad and said, ‘She already did it.'” Then a woman left the abortion center “with eyes glazed over, not seeming to be fully aware, but listening about going for follow-up help.”

Other women left the building and just kept walking, not saying a word.

“The sadness on many of their faces is hard to forget,” the volunteer said. They are hurting and in pain.”

Yes, it’s hard. But it needs to be done.

“The men and women coming to the clinic need to see your witness,” said one campaign leader, “to show them that there are people there to help them on their journey. The decision of having an abortion isn’t just one day but will be with them their whole life.”

Keep praying … and join them on the sidewalks!