DAY 12: “But nobody’s there”

Many people are praying at 40 Days for Life vigils on Sunday.

It’s part of what one local campaign leader calls “an unbroken chain of prayer.”

Forty days of uninterrupted vigil is a sign of faith … a sign of commitment … and a sign to the community.

  • A sign of faith: You believe that God can – and in fact will – end the scandal of abortion in your city.
  • A sign of commitment: You’re out there day and night … regardless of the weather. Ending abortion is important to you.
  • A sign to the community: You want your neighbors to know that abortion does happen in your town. Not all of them know. And not all of them know where it takes place. And some of them may only drive through that area at night or on the weekend.

It can also be a blessing … to you! So many prayer volunteers say the vigil is a time of personal spiritual growth – and that can be enhanced in the solitude of a quiet hour on Sunday after church.