DAY 14: Planned Parenthood’s monster

Just got back from a great event outside the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere … with 40 Days for Life leaders from around the world.

The location is the huge — 78,000 square foot — Planned Parenthood abortion mega-center in Houston, Texas.

Through the efforts of two international 40 Days for Life leaders, there are now more than 50 campaigns in their home countries – and others in nations in their regions of the world!

Ante Caljkusic (top photo, second from the right) brought 40 Days for Life to Zagreb, Croatia. It has since expanded to 28 cities in that nation.

Ante talked about meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican – and introducing him to a baby saved through 40 Days for Life. The pope kissed the child and said, “You are doing the best possible work!”

Lourdes Varela (on the right in the top photo) brought 40 Days for Life to Mexico City. There are 25 campaigns currently in progess in Mexico

Lourdes, who now serves as 40 Days for Life’s Latin American Affairs Coordinator, compared the campaign’s growth to the parable of the mustard seed.

KSHJ Radio broadcast live from the event, with the station’s Joe McClain interviewing us on the sidewalk.

The leaders who joined us for this rally spoke of the light that we bring to this dark place when we simply stand on the sidewalk and pray.

And God uses that witness to save lives!