DAY 15: “How come I don’t have a say?”

Far too often, when women need real men … they only get cowards.

Some men will try to wash their hands from responsibility, once they hear a baby is in the mix. That was heard loud and clear from an unborn child’s father, in the midst of a rant outside an abortion facility:

“How come I don’t have a say in this?”

The only “choice” he wanted to hear about was abortion.

The abortion industry claims to be all about “choice,” but the reality is that many women are pressured into having an abortion … and often go through with it because they feel they had no choice.

But thankfully, mothers in this situation find can the courage – often with the support of the volunteers at 40 Days for Life vigils outside the abortion centers – to reject abortion.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

As 40 Days for Life volunteers in Ann Arbor prayed, a man and woman walked into Planned Parenthood.

They came out a short time later … and began to yell angrily at each other. “We prayed for them even more,” said one vigil participant, as the couple ended their argument and went back inside.

After 30 minutes or so, the man came back out. “He was on the phone screaming and swearing at the top of his lungs, kicking the air, jumping.”

“How come I don’t have a say in this?” he screamed. “I’m only 18! I can’t believe she’s keeping it! She shouldn’t get to make that choice for me too!”

A volunteer offered to help, but the young man got into his car and began crying and pounding the steering wheel before driving away.

Almost lost in this display was the news that the young woman who had gone to Planned Parenthood wants to spare her child from abortion. Please keep her – and her situation – in your prayers.