DAY 18: Nuggets of encouragement

During a 40 Days for Life campaign, there are so many stories to share!

Today we are making some quick stops from the Southeastern US through New York and then across the pond.

Here’s a short tour of lives saved from abortion … and even an abortion day being canceled at one location!

Savannah, Georgia

A young mother left the abortion facility after hearing how far along she was in her pregnancy … then visited a life-affirming help center, where she saw the ultrasound image of her baby.

“Only the power of your prayers could get a young woman off the table inside the abortion clinic!” said Paula in Savannah. “Pray without ceasing!

Columbia, South Carolina

“No abortions today!” reported the 40 Days for Life team. “Planned Parenthood closed for the third abortion day since February 13. Pray that this is the beginning of the end of abortion in Columbia.”

Spring Valley, New York

Love demands sacrifice. Cold temperatures … and still Rockland County people came hour after hour to stand for life. “We believe in the power of prayer!”

Bournemouth, England

Two volunteers had a very fruitful conversation with a couple who were abortion minded. This is the first turnaround from the Bournemouth 40 Days for Life vigil … which takes place outside a facility where there are 3,000 abortions every year.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Members of Regent University Students for Life … being a witness for life outside Planned Parenthood in Virginia Beach. “Thank you for all those who came out. Let the vigil continue!”