DAY 21: More attacks on free speech

Over the past few months, we’ve warned about the growing attacks on freedom of speech … and the attacks on our friends who operate the pregnancy help centers that offer free medical care and alternatives to abortion.

But the worst example is happening in the largest state for 40 Days for Life — California!

A California law requires pro-life help centers that provide medical services to post notices about the availability of free or low-cost abortions. Centers that only offer counseling would have to post a sign – in 13 languages – that they do not provide medical services.

It’s absurd.

This ridiculous law is being challenged at the Supreme Court. I think it will be a victory for those who are pro-life.

Learn about this attack and how pregnancy centers have helped 40 Days for Life save babies from abortion on this week’s edition of the 40 Days for Life podcast.

Please pray for – and support – your local pregnancy help center. We have been honored to stand with them to end abortion at the local level!