DAY 23: “That we know of …”

On Day 1 of this campaign, we saw the 14,000th baby saved from abortion — that we know of — since 40 Days for Life started in 2007.

Meet a few of those babies in this short and moving video.

We say “that we know of” because those are the ones we can confirm. It’s a conservative number because there are mothers who change their minds and leave the abortion centers silently … and often, only God knows about it.

Today, Michael in New Zealand offers “proof positive that there are some saves that we do not necessarily know about.”

And if you’re wondering if your prayers are really helping … the answer is a firm, confident yes!

Auckland, New Zealand

“God has in His mercy seen fit to let us know about a save from last year’s 40 Days for Life that we didn’t know about,” said Michael, the Auckland leader.

A woman told volunteers at the current Auckland vigil that a year ago, she was pregnant and had booked an abortion.

“Upon coming to the abortion place, however, she noticed our vigil and stood and listened to the prayers,” Michael said. “She spoke with some of the volunteers and decided to keep her baby … but didn’t tell us at the time about her change of heart.”

She now has a 3-month-old son!

“So praise God for the life of this little boy, who we hope to meet in coming days,” he said. “The mother was very, very grateful to 40 Days for Life.