DAY 29: Two abortion workers quit!

The people who work at abortion centers see you – every day.

As 40 Days for Life starts, they often casually mock volunteers … or label you a religious fanatic. But over time – as snow and rain and cold temperatures show your commitment – they begin to think.

They begin to consider why you’re out there and why they’re in there.

Over days and weeks, their attention turns to the reality of the work they are participating in … and they find they can’t do it anymore.

We’ve just learned of two more abortion center staffers who’ve had a change of heart and left their jobs.

This now makes 172 abortion workers who’ve quit during 40 Days for Life campaigns. Praise God!

We don’t identify locations, or offer any personal information, in order to protect these individuals. Their friends, family members and especially their former co-workers can sometimes turn against them.

Please pray for them and their families as they transition out of the abortion industry.

Worker #171

The 40 Days for Life team at one of the vigils received a phone call on the first day of the campaign.

“Pray for my daughter,” asked the woman, who had called the helpline number shown on one of the signs volunteers carry.

Her daughter was desperately looking for a new job since she could no longer stand working at the abortion facility, “where cruel things happen.”

A few days later, the woman called back to say her daughter had an interview for a new job. Later that week, another call brought the good news that she was offered a position and was leaving the abortion center.

The abortion facility quickly posted a “help wanted” notice about her old job, which is now vacant. Let’s hope and pray they have a very hard time filling it!

Worker #172

From one 40 Days for Life location comes the report that a paid staff member has left the abortion center … and so has a volunteer.

A sidewalk counselor had struck up a relationship with the employee, and eventually they began exchanging messages. After quitting, the worker wrote that there was good to be accomplished in the world, and the abortion facility was simply the wrong place.

About the same time, the volunteer also decided to leave. The relentless presence of the prayerful vigil participants was a sure sign for this person as well that this was not the right place.