A BIG start–mark your calendar

As we start 2019, we are hitting the ground running to save more lives with a big announcement…

…Longtime Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer has joined the 40 Days for Life headquarters team!

View the video in the player above to meet Sue or go to https://youtu.be/0YduIS6OU0w.

Sue is new to our team, but she’s no stranger to 40 Days for Life. Sue is the only former Planned Parenthood worker to ever LEAD a 40 Days for Life campaign outside her former workplace. Under Sue’s leadership, her former Planned Parenthood closed. Now, she will help all local leaders do the same in their communities.

You’re invited to hear Planned Parenthood’s weaknesses in 2019 on a video webcast. Mark your calendar for Thursday, January 10 (9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific) for The First 90 Days of 2019 video webcast.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why the first 90 days of 2019 are so critical for the pro-life movement
  • 3 specific actions you can take in the first 90 days to help end abortion
  • Details on a new opportunity to raise awareness about abortion where you live

RSVP by visiting 40daysforlife.com/first90days to claim your spot on this exclusive video webcast.

Welcoming Sue to our headquarters team is just one reason 2019 is going to be a HUGE year. For three more, join us on January 10!