Thursday’s 3 special guests

Exciting news for Thursday’s The First 90 Days of 2019 video webcast…

You will hear from these three special guests:

  • March for Life President Jeanne Mancini will help us reveal why the next three months present a critical window of opportunity for accelerating the end of abortion
  • Actress Ashley Bratcher, who plays Abby Johnson in the Unplanned movie, will share why the most pro-life major motion picture ever released will save lives in 2019
  • Former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer will reveal why her former employer’s vulnerabilities mean BIG pro-life opportunities

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During this 90-day window, you can take three simple–but highly effective–steps to deliver the abortion industry a shock from which it might never recover.

The First 90 Days of 2019

Date: Thursday, January 10
Time: 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific

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