BBC feature on 40 Days for Life

The abortion industry has spent a lot of time (and money) attacking freedom of speech – and England is going along with it. There is a huge push in the UK to pass “buffer zones” … areas in which free…

PODCAST #121: Abortion and fake news

Join Shawn Carney and Robert Colquhoun as they explore a BBC News report on 40 Days for Life — one in which the network allowed the pro-life side to make its point. This podcast examines when the media cover abortion … and when they enter the realm of fake news.

BONUS! Here is the BBC Newsnight feature, “Anti-abortion vigils and buffer zones.”

Join in the celebration!

There is nothing more barbaric than partial-birth abortion. The good people of Sharonville, Ohio know this all too well after the pioneer of partial-birth abortion — Martin Haskel — put his late-term abortion facility in their town. They did not…

40 Days for Life on the BBC

The 40 Days for Life vigils were the topic of a 12-minute feature on BBC Newsnight on May 10, 2018. It’s called “Anti-abortion vigils and buffer zones.”

Alfie … appreciation … and hope

We’ll get to appreciation and hope in a bit … but unfortunately, I have to tell you about events that unfolded recently in Great Britain … events that can only be seen as a travesty. Pray for Alfie Evans’ family...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Thank you indeed for your contributions to a successful effort! You not only met but surpa​​ssed the $152,305 matching challenge! Thanks to you, 40 Days for Life campaigns will be able to grow stronger — and save more babies. If...

Matching challenge — last chance!

Today is the last chance to hit the matching challenge – that DOUBLES any donation to 40 Days for Life – so I’ll be brief. We’re getting closer to meeting the $152,305 matching challenge … but we’re not there yet….