PODCAST #94: Special guest Peter Kreeft

Join Shawn Carney and Matt Britton as they interview author, philosopher and professor Peter Kreeft, seeking his thoughts on questions such as, “Is abortion the defining moral issue of our time?” … “Is the world really so different than it was 50 years ago?”… and “Is the self-help industry helping or hurting the culture?”

PODCAST #91: The NFL, free speech … and saved babies

Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen, Robert Colquhoun and Matt Britton as they explore how so many pro-life volunteers are quite different from the current crop of protesting professional football players … plus the early results of a 40 Days for Life campaign that’s gotten off to a tremendous start.

PODCAST #86: Iceland, suffering and secularism

Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun as they examine media reports praising Iceland for “eradicating” Down syndrome — through abortion. Iceland, unfortunately, is not alone … but there are also many heroic parents of children with disabilities who are going against the culture and choosing life.