The next 40 Days for Life campaign will take place from September 25 to November 3. You want to see 40 Days for Life in your community, but it’s a big decision. You’re a busy person. You have many responsibilities. What does campaign leadership entail?

You might have many questions, but they all lead to the one big question: Is leading a 40 Days for Life campaign right for me?

It’s a question only you can answer, but we’ll do everything we can to make sure you make an informed decision. Here are resources that might aid your discernment process:

Would you like to talk with somebody about campaign leadership? Our team members have led campaigns in communities around the world. Email us at, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions directly.

It depends. 40 Days for Life is a demanding effort so we probably wouldn’t recommend hosting your first campaign while planning a wedding or training for a marathon. But it’s also true that busy people tend to make for some of our strongest leaders.

40 Days for Life has been successfully conducted in big cities and small towns. Part-time volunteers, full-time pro-lifers, post-abortive women, business owners, full-time students, full-time workers, people with no funding, people with plentiful financial resources, Catholics, Protestants, Evangelical Christians, and people of all walks of life have led successful campaigns. We’ve seen excellent efforts led by 18-year-old students and 86-year-old retirees.

There’s no set answer for this question. The initial four co-founders of 40 Days for Life worked in the pro-life movement full-time and offered to cover the 40 day, around-the-clock vigil themselves if they couldn’t recruit any volunteers. You might not have that kind of flexibility. We simply ask campaign leaders to strive to have the vigil filled at least 12 hours a day. How you split the workload is up to you!

As an approved leader, you’ll receive access to comprehensive online training modules; a local webpage to promote your campaign; an online vigil scheduling tool; mentoring and around-the-clock access to 40 Days for Life staff; a variety of tools, templates, and resources for your campaign; and use of the 40 Days for Life name and logo for campaign-related purposes.

The application fee offsets the enormous costs of producing top-quality materials, technology, training and resources for you. The headquarters team works aggressively to secure funding to keep this cost to a bare minimum because we want to ensure that money is not a barrier that keeps any community from participating in the campaign. If you are unable to pay or raise money for the application fee, scholarships are available by request.

While some campaigns are blessed with significant resources to advertise, recruit volunteers, and host events, most campaigns are run on shoestring budgets. Significant funding is not required to lead a successful campaign.

Applications for the next campaign (September 25 – November 3) are now closed. If you are discerning leading a campaign in the future and would like to be added to the 40 Days for Life leader waiting list, please complete this form.