Your Prayers, Fasting, and Peaceful Vigil... Are Going to the Big Screen!

Unplanned the Movie

For years we have been working with the writers of God’s Not Dead as they completed writing, directing, and producing the beautiful story of Abby Johnson leaving her job at Planned Parenthood and coming into our office. Abby’s Planned Parenthood facility was the site of the first ever 40 Days for Life campaign and now serves as the headquarters of 40 Days for Life.

There has never been a Hollywood production that shows the joy, love, and mercy of the pro-life movement like this.

Inspiring true stories of how abortion is ending from your neighborhood up.

Why hearts and minds are changing — inside and outside the abortion industry — despite nearly 50 years of legalized abortion.

The untold power of prayer, leadership and sacrifice in the grassroots.

Donate to Sponsor a Theater

Many donors have asked if they can give a tax-deductible gift to help sponsor theaters so that volunteers can fill them and promote this lifesaving effort. Your donation is extremely helpful in promoting the movie, sending a message to Hollywood, and helping future pro-life, pro-family movies.

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Abby was the 26th out of 186 abortion facility workers to have a change of heart and leave her job. Her story shows the power of prayer, the power of mercy, and the power of what God can do when we witness His love in the darkest corners of our culture.