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On ROADMAP 2017, learn what this year means for ...

Planned Parenthood

The abortion giant has a bold counter-offensive. But you can stop it in your community!

Abortion industry

This could be a highly detrimental year for them. And there are ways to add pressure.

40 Days for Life

New cities ... new countries! There are exciting details to share about the next campaign.

On ROADMAP 2017, you'll hear from ...

Marilyn Musgrave

Susan B. Anthony List

Eric Scheidler

Pro-Life Action League

Jor-El Godsey 

Heartbeat International 

Jeanne Mancini

March for Life 

Eva Muntean

Walk for Life West Coast

Jewels Green

Former abortion worker

Shawn Carney

40 Days for Life president

Steve Karlen

North American campaign director

Robert Colquhoun

International campaign director

Matt Britton

40 Days for Life board chair