We can’t sugarcoat it

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Jesus Christ coming into the world–through a family–to save us, we should reflect on the current state of the family. It’s bad and cannot be sugarcoated. The family has been assaulted from within…

Tips for a prayerful, pro-life Advent — PODCAST #150

Topics We Cover On This Episode

Advent is the perfect season of the year to pray and reflect over the Lord becoming man and entering into the world. On this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun example how the Scripture accounts of the Holy Family preparing for the birth of Jesus provide great Advent meditations for pro-lifers:

  • Mary was troubled by news of her pregnancy…and she provides a model example for other frightened expectant mothers.
  • Likewise, Joseph’s willingness to stand alongside Mary through her pregnancy and to help raise the Christ child is a powerful example to the fathers of abortion-vulnerable babies.
  • John the Baptist’s in utero leap for joy recognizing the unborn Messiah is one of the most beautiful Biblical illustrations of the humanity and personhood of life in the womb.
  • Mary’s visit to her pregnant cousin is a Scriptural encouragement for us to accompany struggling pregnant moms.
  • In the eyes of the world, our poor, homeless Lord was the perfect candidate for abortion.

We also discuss three concrete ways pro-lifers can make Advent a time of deeper prayer and reflection–rather than a stressful season of harried consumerism:


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Applications to LEAD are open!

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Younger by the day

The pro-life movement gets larger–and younger–by the day. Last year, we established the 4040 Scholarship to honor pro-life college students who heroically stand up for life on campus and in front of abortion facilities. This scholarship is generously donated by...

Why Abortion Is Genocide – PODCAST #149

Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [1:59] It’s time to take a look at abortion in its proper context
  • [4:53] What Steve learned from a college course on genocide
  • [7:10] What is the definition of genocide?
  • [9:43] Robert breaks down the history of genocide
  • [12:45] The American atrocity that paved the way for abortion
  • [17:29] The recipe for genocide
  • [22:48] Why abortion is genocide
  • [28:24] The part that technology and indifference play in perpetuating genocide
  • [30:00] What is the believer’s role in the midst of the abortion genocide

What do you think about when you hear the word genocide? Since the origin of sin, the human race has sought to dehumanize a segment of its population. From the Aztecs to the Holocaust the value of human life has been edited to fit a definition of convenience rather than a universally true one. And while all genocide is an unfathomable tragedy there is no genocide that has claimed more lives than abortion. Join Shawn, Steve, and Robert as they explain why abortion is genocide on this week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast.


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Matching challenge: down to the wire

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