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A quick media update! Last week I recorded an interview for Huckabee. It will air in January. Today I will be on Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s radio show on Sirius XM Radio (channel 129) at 1:30pm CST/2:30pm EST to discuss the...

God Stories: Reflecting on the Fall 2018 40 Days for Life Campaign – PODCAST #146

Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [2:25] A story of courage from Madison, Wisconsin
  • [4:32] Robert shares details from his trip to Germany
  • [6:20] Steve and Robert’s favorite campaign highlights
  • [12:54] Reflecting on the legacy of a decision to choose life
  • [16:35] 40 Days for Life is making a next level impact in Latin America
  • [18:46] Life saving stories from around the world
  • [22:10] Breaking down the price list for Planned Parenthood services
  • [26:19] Hope is rising from the ground up
  • [27:39] Why Steve shares these stories of life

As the largest 40 Days for Life campaign yet comes to a close there are more God stories to tell than could possibly be told in one podcast episode. These stories represent courage, life, and hope in a way that screams God is holding the pen. They speak of divine moments that only our Lord could orchestrate where lives are being saved and death is met with defeat. All around the world people are making the decision to choose life in the midst of vast political and spiritual opposition. Get a sneak peek at everything God has done over the last 40 days on this week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast.


DAY 41: 15,000 saved!

Big news! We just learned of… …the 15,000th baby saved from abortion since 2007! Of those 15,000 (that we know of!), 414 were saved during the last 40 Days. That number is sure to rise as reports from local leaders…

DAY 40: Dads step up

Men’s role in abortion often starts by not respecting women enough to practice abstinence before marriage. Once a pregnancy occurs, many men are stunned to learn that a father has no legal right to protect his own child from abortion....

DAY 39: Abortion advocates unhinged

Programming Note: My scheduled appearance on Huckabee this evening, is now set to run in a few weeks. I will let you know the new date soon! In the meantime, click here to listen to my recent appearance on the...

Day 38: Praying behind bars

Trouble always follows abortion. Those who have suffered the trauma of abortion are much more likely to experience substance abuse, domestic abuse, and mental illness. They are also much more likely to end up in prison. But a 40 Days...

Day 37: Three doctors suggested abortion

Some abortion-minded mothers face circumstances so difficult that the pressure to have an abortion seems insurmountable. Sexual assault, maternal health problems, and challenging prenatal diagnoses, just to name a few. Suzanne in Marietta, Georgia was told by three separate doctors…

DAY 36: Adoption on the sidewalk

“How many unwanted children have you adopted?” This is a common–and ridiculous–comment we sometimes hear at a vigil. It assumes that children get their human dignity based on how much they are wanted. The reality is that 40 Days for...

DAY 35: Huckabee to feature 40 Days for Life

This campaign has seen more persecution—but also more positive media coverage than ever before! A few weeks before the campaign started, I released my new book, The Beginning of the End of Abortion. The media coverage has not slowed down,...

The Power of Pro-Life Legislation with Dr. Joe Pojman – PODCAST #145

Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [3:49] Shawn breaks down the background of Dr.Joe Pojman
  • [6:45] Why Dr. Joe loves the 40 Days for Life Podcast
  • [8:50] Dr. Joe debunks a few Pro-Life movement stereotypes
  • [11:39] How Dr. Joe successfully lobbied for Pro-Life legislation during a Pro-Abortion Administration
  • [15:39] How the legislative side of the Pro-Life movement impacts the Pro-Life movement as a whole
  • [18:17] All the ways in which the current political climate affects Pro-Life legislation
  • [21:14] How the spotlight of Pro-Life legislation hurts the abortion industry
  • [26:43] What America would look like if Roe v. Wade is overturned
  • [28:48] What motivates Dr. Joe to persevere in the effort to end abortion

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that abortion is ending the life of an innocent child. However, that’s exactly what Texas has leading its effort to end abortion through Pro-Life legislation. Dr. Joe Pojman is a former NASA aerospace engineer who founded and is the executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life which is a non-profit organization committed to lobbying for laws that protect the sanctity of human life. On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast Shawn and Steve sit down with Dr. Joe to discuss the impact of Pro-Life legislation on the state of Texas and our nation as well as the legal landscape of the road to end abortion.