Younger by the day

The pro-life movement gets larger–and younger–by the day. Last year, we established the 4040 Scholarship to honor pro-life college students who heroically stand up for life on campus and in front of abortion facilities. This scholarship is generously donated by...

Why Abortion Is Genocide – PODCAST #149

Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [1:59] It’s time to take a look at abortion in its proper context
  • [4:53] What Steve learned from a college course on genocide
  • [7:10] What is the definition of genocide?
  • [9:43] Robert breaks down the history of genocide
  • [12:45] The American atrocity that paved the way for abortion
  • [17:29] The recipe for genocide
  • [22:48] Why abortion is genocide
  • [28:24] The part that technology and indifference play in perpetuating genocide
  • [30:00] What is the believer’s role in the midst of the abortion genocide

What do you think about when you hear the word genocide? Since the origin of sin, the human race has sought to dehumanize a segment of its population. From the Aztecs to the Holocaust the value of human life has been edited to fit a definition of convenience rather than a universally true one. And while all genocide is an unfathomable tragedy there is no genocide that has claimed more lives than abortion. Join Shawn, Steve, and Robert as they explain why abortion is genocide on this week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast.


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You did it!

On our recent From the Ground Up video webcast, we shared the results of the now-completed 40 Days for Life campaign and the unprecedented persecution we saw on the sidewalks. We also we announced the matching challenge of $160,680. And...

Matching challenge: down to the wire

Today is the last chance to hit the matching challenge — that DOUBLES any donation to 40 Days for Life — so I’ll be brief. We’re getting closer to meeting the $160,680 matching challenge…but we’re not there yet. My latest...

Thankful for Life, Progress, and Deep-Fried Turkey – PODCAST #148

Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [1:56] A happy Thanksgiving is a deep-fried one
  • [8:30] Sue Thayer is officially a 40 Days for Life staff member
  • [12:00] Exciting updates on previously shared campaign stories
  • [15:10] Robert shares what he’s thankful for from the Fall campaign
  • [17:50] Why 40 Days for Life is so thankful for its leaders
  • [21:25] Gearing up for the next Spring 40 Days for Life campaign
  • [24:18] The impact of 99 abortion facilities closing
  • [29:33] What the Pro-Abortion response says about Pro-Life progress

As the smell of deep-fried turkey fills the air so does the realization that Thanksgiving is only two days away. There is so much to be thankful for this year not only as a Christian but as a Pro-Life advocate as well. The Fall 2018 40 Days for Life campaign reached 415 cities and saw incredible victories in the fight for life. Join Shawn, Steve, and Robert as they discuss all the reasons why they are thankful for life and the progress made to end abortion in 2018 on this week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast.


I need your help

40 Days for Life spends 4 percent of our budget on fundraising, and we want to keep it that way. We don’t email financial appeals often, but 40 Days for Life needs your financial support right now: Donate to 40...

Bad news

Inspired by how God has used YOU and other faithful people around the world to save lives, a handful of donors just put forward a $160,680 matching challenge to save more babies and mothers from abortion by matching your contribution to...

Viewer discretion advised

We don’t cry wolf at 40 Days for Life. Persecution was promised by our Lord, and we endure the shouts, middle fingers, and occasional mocking. But this fall, the persecution was unprecedented. From satanists to anarchists to socialists to transvestites,…