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631 lives saved ... that we know of ... in this 40 Days for Life

 40 Days for Life

We’re still counting the blessings God has provided! More of our local campaign leaders will be sending in their reports soon … but we are aware of 631 babies whose lives have been spared from abortion during this campaign ... [more]

DAY 40: Grateful for choosing life ... now and for years to come

 40 Days for Life

As this 40 Days for Life campaign comes to the end, we are reminded that the injustice of abortion is not an isolated occurrence that has no impact on us. It not only impacts us ... but generations to come. I want to thank you for all you’ve done these 40 days ... [more]

Here's how YOU can save lives and change the world

DAY 39: Going on a world tour with 40 Days for Life

 40 Days for Life

This final Saturday of the campaign, let's take a look at 40 Days for Life around the globe. Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, has collected a few stories from leaders in England, Australia, Spain and Russia who are praying to end abortion where they live ... [more]

DAY 38: "I can't do this anymore; I need to talk to a priest"

 40 Days for Life

There have been 88 abortion workers who have had a change of heart and left their jobs during 40 Days for Life campaigns. Many of these workers leave during the last two weeks of the campaign ... and today, we ask for prayers for one abortionist ... [more]

DAY 37: Saving lives at 40 Days for Life in the United Kingdom

 40 Days for Life

The 40 Days for Life campaigns in the United Kingdom continue to get media attention. However, much of it is less than complimentary. Even the headlines reflect the abortion industry’s claim that vigil participants supposedly “harass” their clients ... [more]

DAY 36: They covered all the windows of the abortion center

 40 Days for Life

If there’s a 40 Days for Life campaign going on, I’m either visiting a local vigil ... getting ready to travel to one ... or just getting home from one. Today, I’m at home. But yes, that only means there will be another trip before Day 40! Here’s a look at some of my stops ... [more]

• 600,000 participants
• 16,500 churches
• 3,039 total campaigns
• 539 cities
• 24 countries
• 8,859 lives saved
• 88 workers quit
• 48 clinics closed

• Prayer and fasting:

Christ told us that some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. The two go hand in hand.
• Constant vigil:

40 Days for Life's most visible aspect is a peaceful prayer vigil outside an abortion facility.
• Community outreach:

During 40 Days for Life, the message is proactively taken to the community through focused efforts.

"We have the power to stop abortion, even while it remains legal. Now is the time to mobilize, sustained by prayer. I strongly endorse the 40 Days for Life effort. I look forward to promoting it nationwide and participating in it in many communities."

Fr. Frank Pavone
Priests for Life

"This campaign is exactly what the pro-life movement has been waiting for. 40 Days for Life will prepare pro-life activists across the country to end abortion in our lifetimes. The end is near for legalized abortion on demand, and 40 Days for Life is leading the charge."

Kristan Hawkins
Students for Life of America

"Fasting and praying with 40 Days for Life unifies pro-life energies and illuminates us with grace in our efforts to conquer the culture of death. I strongly encourage every person and organization that believes in the dignity of life to join the 40 Days for Life campaign."

Peggy Hartshorn
Heartbeat International

"I believe 40 Days For Life is an incredibly powerful movement to break the spiritual powers that still restrain the final overthrow of the death decree of 1973. Jesus fasted 40 days and broke the power of Satan himself. Why not 40 Days For Life?"

Lou Engle
The Call

"40 Days for Life is sounding a clear trumpet blast calling the Church to engage with God's heart for the ending of abortion. This extraordinary mobilization of prayer gives us all hope that the culture of death can and will change."

Matt Lockett
Bound 4 Life

"40 Days for Life is blessed with committed leadership, superb prep materials, and marvelous passion. It is flexible and doable. Most important of all, it values and relies on God, the giver of life."

Royce Dunn
Life Chain