VIDEO: Your presence can save a life

While we were in Houston, Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, and I recorded a short video on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood’s mega-center … where we reflected on the need for prayer outside the places where abortions take place.


  • Barbara Wallace

    Great video! Let’s keep praying!

  • Manuel

    God bless

  • Eileen T Peterson

    Just wonderful witness~ God Bless You to save many more lives and heal the pains that abortion brings to all of God’s creation.

  • Ruby Noble

    I work for a Birthing Center in Loveland Co. When I started I thought I was just going to be giving pregnancy tests, a little counseling and giving out baby clothes. In the past two and a half years my eyes have really been opened to the awfullness of abortion. My prayer now is for guidance on how I can help make a difference. I plan to be a part of the fall 40 days for live. Please pray for me as God leads me to how he wants to use me