DAY 9: Sleep is overrated

Have you ever prayed outside an abortion facility at midnight? What about 2 am? Or 3 am?

Right now, there are many 40 Days for Life vigils that take place 24-hours every day. If you’ve never been to an overnight vigil … or just want to see what it’s like … watch this short video, featuring Steve Karlen, our North American campaign director, that was recorded at a 24-hour vigil in Wisconsin.

The natural question can be, “What possible good are you doing out there in the middle of the night? The place is closed … and nobody sees you!”

The abortion facility is closed … but God doesn’t hear or answer prayers based on their business hours. Abortion survives on distraction in our busy world … and there are no distractions in the still and silent hours of the night.

We saw the power of all-day, all-night prayer during the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Texas in 2004 … when the Knights of Columbus created the Knight Shift. They committed to pray on the sidewalks outside the abortion business – every night – from 11 pm to 7 am.

There’s something special about the non-stop prayer witness that’s hard to explain. I encourage you to watch this video … and if you’re able, pray at your closest vigil — night or day.

  • Kim Supan-Slowinski

    A few years ago I had been participating as a lone prayer presence during a 40 days for life campaign at a clinic in Dearborn, MI. My shift was a daytime one, but one late night, around midnight, a few friends & I had driven an hour plus to walk around this clinic & pray. We laid hands on the building and prayed, and even prayed over the padlocked dumpster outside the clinic. We prayed for transformed hearts in those who were coming to appointments that week, for the workers & even the abortionist, for the funding sources to dwindle and the doors to close. It was a very intense time of prayer. Several months later the clinic closed its doors for good! Perhaps that midnight prayer vigil was not the reason, but it was certainly an encouragement to never stop praying. God never slumberes nor does He sleep!

  • Tokopah

    We do not have 24-hour attendance at our 40 Days For Life campaign. Often there are only one or two people there at any one time during daylight hours. But we have made a difference. I pray for a permanent end to abortion even when I am not near the only abortion place left in a three or four county area.

  • Kathy Forck

    great VIDEO! I like that “powerhouse”!