CLOSED: The stories behind the numbers

You may know that 86 abortion centers have closed following 40 Days for Life vigils outside their doors …

… but you may not know the whole story about what led up to those tremendous, God-inspired victories!

Interested in knowing more? Then join us for the newest episode of the 40 Days for Life podcast

You’ll hear how faithful people in 86 locations worked and prayed — with God’s guidance — until those prayers were answered and “closed” or “for sale” signs appeared outside the local abortion facility.

Is your city on the list of closed abortion centers? If you’d like to know … check out the video above … where we show all 86 locations!

(And yes, a couple of cities are there twice … because two separate abortion businesses shut down after 40 Days for Life campaigns!)

We’re still processing applications for the next campaign … but if you want to see if your city’s application to take part from September 27 to November 5 has been approved, you can see the map.

We don’t have a final number yet … but we know this campaign is going to be BIG!

Check it out … and sign up NOW to help your local 40 Days for Life team!

“Hope Comes Alive,” used in the video, is from the album “Even in This” by Josh Blakesley
Written by Josh Blakesley and Michael Farren
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  • Diana Cazull

    Thanks be to God and all who helped 4o Days for Life and all others. MAY GOD BLESS US WITH MANY MORE TO CLOSE PERMANENTLY.AMEN

  • patgo

    I absolutely rejoice with you that all these killing centers have closed. Praise God! The music was very jarring, almost impossible to listen to.

    • Gill Payne

      I understand your comment about the music……they could have had the music during the introduction where Shawn was speaking a lot quieter so you could concentrate on the message……but during the slideshow presentation of the clinics that were closed, the music was uplifting and the words of the song spoke life 🙂

  • Gill Payne

    Well done people. I love to see PEACEFUL prayer and love that changes lives while saving children. 🙂 PS. I like the music……

  • Gill Payne

    Are there any prayer vigils (40 Days for Life) in Perth, Western Australia? The law change here means that there is a 150metre distance ban for protests, but I’m not sure if prayer could be classified as a protest.

    • 40daysforlife

      There is not a vigil in Perth this time, but we do hope it will be possible to organise them in the future. The 150-metre distance would be a distinct challenge, so … one more reason for prayer! Thank you!