PODCAST #81: Who they’re attacking now

Join Shawn Carney and Steve Karlen as they look at the pro-life pregnancy resource center movement … why it’s important to know how the local center in your community supports women and saves lives … and how the abortion industry is determined to shut down these life-affirming organizations.

  • Pedro

    Es una locura que aquí, en España estemos más preocupados que nunca con el maltrato animal y la violencia de género y ya se ha dejado atrás el hablar sobre los abortos y desde luego que mucha culpa tienen los medios de comunicación. Ahora mismo el matar a un perro es un delito pero no los es el matar a un ser no nacido.

    It is crazy that here in Spain we are more worried than ever with animal abuse and gender violence and we have left behind talking about abortions and of course that the media have a lot of blame. Right now killing a dog is a crime but it is not killing an unborn being.

    • RubbLe1

      Same here in the USA. When the truth of Scriptures is disregarded, humankind is given over to foolishness of all kinds. Romans 1 clearly warns us what will happen- and it is playing out in front of our eyes.

  • boaz12

    Did you know in the Twin Cities Pro-Life Action Ministries works with pregnancy help centers to help pregnant women and save lives? Some of these pregnancy help centers are right across the street or right around the corner from abortion facilities.