Planned Parenthood & corporate America

Planned Parenthood is changing its rhetoric (for the worse)…

…and corporate America is following.

Because modern medical science clearly proves the humanity of the unborn child, abortion advocates have been forced to adjust their messaging. The results are confusing and, at times, bizarre.

On this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, we break down the SEVEN new talking points from the abortion industry. Listen and learn:

  • Why the abortion industry’s rhetoric has changed
  • Why these changes are good…for us
  • What you need to know to counter the talking points when they come up

To listen to season 4, episode 25, visit:

Corporate America is following suit.

While multinational media conglomerates threaten to pull business out of pro-life states, 180 CEOs issued a letter claiming that women need abortion to be equal.

On another recent podcast, we examined corporate America’s outrageous attack on motherhood and identified which companies are boycotting states that are trying to ban abortion.

Listen in to season 4, episode 26 by visiting: