Infanticide in Old Dominion–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 7

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On last week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, we discussed New York’s new law, which legalized abortion up to birth in the Empire State (while also allowing non-physicians to perform abortions and removing protections for children born alive after surviving abortions).

The very next week, legislators in Virginia presented a similar bill. Delegate Kathy Tran testified that her bill would allow abortion even as a mother is beginning to deliver her child.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, disgraced Gov. Ralph Northam then conducted a radio interview where he suggested that under the proposed law, children who are born alive would be either killed or left to die depending on the mother’s wishes. Killing a child at any point after conception is a crime against humanity. But the attempt to introduce post-birth infanticide marks a new low.

On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen, and Matt Britton–a four-time elected Virginia prosecutor–discuss:

  • how the proposed legislation would change Virginia law
  • whether Gov. Northam actually suggested killing children after birth
  • how Del. Tran canceled a public town hall meeting to avoid backlash to her abortion bill
  • the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood condemning Gov. Northam’s racist yearbook photos while simultaneously honoring its racist founder, Margaret Sanger, who actually spoke to the KKK
VA Gov. Northam shockingly endorsed infanticide amidst discussion of a late-term abortion bill in his state. Learn about the horrific proposal on this episode of the #40DaysforLife Podcast. #prolife #prayforlife #abortion Click To Tweet

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The Empire State embraces third-trimester abortion–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 6

Topics We Cover On This Episode

On the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision, the State of New York enacted a shocking bill that legalizes abortion in the Empire State–even late in the third trimester of pregnancy!

On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Sue Thayer, and Steve Karlen discuss:

  • why New York’s pro-abortion politicians decided NOW is the time to pass legislation so extreme that it rivals abortion law in places like China and North Korea
  • the dangers of the law’s provision allowing NON-DOCTORS to perform abortions
  • how children born alive after attempted abortions are no longer protected under New York law

We’ll also take a look at reaction to the new law–including Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s directive to light the World Trade Center pink “to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.”

New York state law now rivals abortion law in China and North Korea. Learn about the brutal legislation and the shocking way abortion advocates celebrated it on the #40DaysforLife Podcast. #prolife #prayforlife #abortion Click To Tweet

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Pro-Life Movie Review: Unplanned–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 5

Topics We Cover On This Episode

It’s hard to find Hollywood productions that don’t denigrate life, family, and Christianity. But Unplanned is the unique movie that speaks the truth about our most deeply held values–while also appealing to a mainstream audience.

Shawn Carney, Sue Thayer, and Steve Karlen have screened the film, which comes out this spring. They’ll review Unplanned  on this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast. They’ll talk about what surprised them about the film. And Sue will discuss how Abby’s experience in Unplanned compares with her experience directing a Planned Parenthood location for 17 years.

Get your popcorn ready!

The #Unplanned movie comes out this spring. Is this a cheesy Christian movie? Or the rare Hollywood blockbuster that speaks the truth about life and faith? Find out on the #40DaysforLife Podcast. #prolife #prayforlife #abortion Click To Tweet

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Shout your abortion–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 4

Topics We Cover On This Episode

Seeking to make abortion mainstream, a new movement of activists encourages women to “shout your abortion.”

The result is a desperate campaign that awkwardly attempts to justify abortion using vulgar t-shirts, aggressive social media posts, and…a children’s book? It gets strange quickly!

On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Robert Colquhoun, and Steve Karlen take a look at the “Shout Your Abortion” movement, the pain that drives it, and the pro-life women who are speaking out about the pain abortion caused in their lives.

The #shoutyourabortion movement: an awkward attempt to justify the world’s greatest human rights atrocity. Find out more on the #40DaysforLife podcast. #prolife #abortion #sya Click To Tweet

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Why we march–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 3

Topics We Cover On This Episode

After 46 years of legal abortion, hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans take to this streets the next two weeks to march in defense of pre-born moms and babies.

There’s a lot at stake as abortion is the leading cause of death…both worldwide and in the United States.

Abortion takes the lives of at least 42 million innocent children every year worldwide. Some estimates suggest more as many as 56 million per year for a cumulative total in excess of two billion abortions total. That’s more deaths than can be attributed to every war in human history–combined. On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Robert Colquhoun, and Steve Karlen take a look at the national and worldwide death toll. We also examine how–contrary to Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric–contraception exacerbates the abortion epidemic.

Why do we #marchforlife? Find out on this week’s edition of the #40DaysforLifePodcast. #whywemarch #onelifela #walkforlifewc #40daysforlife #abortion #prayforlife Click To Tweet

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Former abortion worker describes the impact of pro-life prayer vigils–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 2

Topics We Cover On This Episode

Does praying in front of an abortion facility really make a difference? And if so, how, exactly, can silent prayer at an abortion center change hearts and minds? Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen, and Sue Thayer discuss four ways your presence impacts the abortion center.

Sue also talks about how comments from pro-life friends, family members, and pastors helped foster her conversion from Planned Parenthood manager to pro-life prayer warrior.

The four ways pro-life vigil participation saves lives

Pro-life prayer in front of abortion centers impacts:

  1. Abortion workers enjoy making the big money that Planned Parenthood pays its employees. But when pro-lifers are on site praying for an end to abortion, productivity plummets, and employees are forced to grapple with their consciences.
  2. Abortion center clients also find their consciences touched by pro-life vigils. A lot of them–as many as 75 percent–don’t show up for their appointments when vigil participants are present.
  3. Passersby sometimes insult and heckle you…but when you’re out–particularly in bad weather–they are forced to reconsider the judgments and stereotypes they have developed toward pro-life women and men. They also grapple with their feelings on Planned Parenthood and abortion.
  4. Prayer volunteers like you almost unanimously report spiritual growth as they pray in front of an abortion facility. One volunteer even described his first 40 Days for Life campaign as similar to going on a 40-day spiritual retreat.

Praying in public can cause us anxiety. But after we see the impact made by confronting our fears and praying in public, we realize we need not be afraid!

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Recapping five of the biggest pro-life stories of 2018 – PODCAST #153

Topics We Cover On This Episode

Pro-life momentum continues to build, and 2018 was one of the most successful years ever for the pro-life movement! On the year’s final episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, we countdown the top five stories we covered as determined by the listeners!


The ugly truth behind Planned Parenthood’s webcam abortion scheme – PODCAST #152

Topics We Cover On This Episode

You know Planned Parenthood is American’s leading abortion provider…but did you know one of America’s most controversial organizations is rolling out a a dangerous scheme to make its abortion empire even bigger?

On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, former Planned Parenthood manager and new 40 Days for Life Director of Outreach Sue Thayer talks with Shawn Carney and Steve Karlen about:

  • Planned Parenthood’s program to dispense dangerous abortion drugs to women whose only interaction with a doctor is over a webcam
  • Why the abortion giant is willing to let non-medical personnel perform medical procedures–including invasive ultrasounds
  • How Planned Parenthood sells abortion to women who weren’t even considering abortion
  • Planned Parenthood’s new mail-order abortion pilot program


Becoming Abby Johnson with Unplanned actress Ashley Bratcher – PODCAST #151

Topics We Cover On This Episode

The Unplanned movie comes out in March. On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast, we talk with Ashley Bratcher, who plays Abby Johnson in the film.

Resources & People Mentioned

  • Episode 142 featuring Unplanned writers, producers and directors Chuck Konzelman and Carey Solomon
  • Episode 144 featuring Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts–who play Shawn and his wife in the movie
  • Email us at to learn how you can host a theater for the Unplanned movie free of charge

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