May 22, 2018

NEW ZEALAND CATHOLIC: 40 Days for Life brings some special graces

May 10, 2018

BBC NEWS: Anti-abortion vigils and buffer zones

March 26, 2018

BBC NEWS: Anti-abortion group 40 Days for Life has Nottingham injuntion lifted

March 23, 2018

INDEPENDENT CATHOLIC NEWS: Nottingham council lifts injunction agains 40 Days for Life organiser

March 22, 2018

THE ANGELUS: To save a life

March 21, 2018

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER: Why a pro-life presence at abortion facilities is so needed

March 20, 2018

EUROPEAN DIGNITY WATCH: Europe is active in the pro-life arena

March 17, 2018

THE GUARDIAN: Buffer zones urged as Lent anti-abortion vigils target clinics

March 15, 2018

ARKANSAS CATHOLIC: Bishop leads stations of the cross outside abortion clinic

March 12, 2018

CBC NEWS: Buffer zones around Alberta abortion clinics would be unconstitutional, critics say

March 7, 2018

GONZAGA BULLETIN: Gonzaga’s Students for Life meet outside Planned Parenthood during 40 Days for Life

February 24, 2018

EUREKA TIMES-STANDARD: Prayer vigil to end abortion runs through March 25

February 22, 2018

RHODE ISLAND CATHOLIC: Rhode Island’s Catholics stand up for life with 40 Days for Life procession

February 20, 2018

KCFW-TV / KALISPELL: Clinic in Whitefish opens as demonstrators launch 40-day anti-abortion campaign

February 19, 2018

COLUMBIA MISSOURIAN: Dueling demonstrations outside Planned Parenthood for the next 40 days

February 15, 2018

NOTTS TV: Anti-abortion group confronted over vigil outside Queen’s Medical Centre

February 8, 2018

TORONTO CATHOLIC REGISTER: Abortion clinic ‘bubble zones’ don’t stop pro-life voice

February 5, 2018

BIG ISSUE NORTH: Councils debate anti-abortion protests

OAKLAND CATHOLIC VOICE: Speakers exhort Oakland at pro-life rally

January 31, 2018

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER: Walk for Life West Coast draws thousands

January 25, 2018

PREGNANCY HELP NEWS: Last hope for life

January 19, 2018

GRAY TV: 40 Days for Life leader attends DC’s March for Life

November 13, 2017

PORTSMOUTH NEWS: Pro-life group responds to potential hospital ban

October 28, 2017

OTTAWA SUN: Prendergast: Bubble zone law wrongly mutes free speech on abortion

October 23, 2017

KYW-TV: Archbishop Charles Chaput leads pro-life rally in Center City

LIFE SITE NEWS: Pro-life activist gives powerful witness against “represive” Ontario abortion bill

October 20, 2017

STURGIS JOURNAL: Incident involving friend spurred man’s commitment to stop abortion

October 13, 2017

CBN NEWS: Pray to end abortion

October 9, 2017

KNWA-TV: Split emotions on pro-life campaign in Fayetteville

September 30, 2017


September 27, 2017

WACO TRIBUNE-HERALD: Local abortion opponents join international prayer vigil

KWTX-TV: 40 Days for Life comes to Waco

COLUMBIA TRIBUNE: Abortion opponents gather outside Planned Parenthood

METRO NEWS: Calgary abortion clinic wants provincial protection from harassment

September 22, 2017

LIFE SITE NEWS: Catholic teens raise thousands to sponsor pro-life billboard for 40 Days for Life

PREMIER CHRISTIAN RADIO: Hundreds of doctors revolt over secret abortion vote

September 18, 2017

OAKLAND CATHOLIC VOICE: 40 Days for Life vigil to begin September 27

June 22, 2017

LIFE SITE NEWS: Her doctors and husband told Rosa to abort; she chose life

June 11, 2017

KWTX-TV / WACO: Pro-life supporters hold rally

June 3, 2017

BC CATHOLIC: Ontario to introduce bubble zones

May 31, 2017

LIFE SITE NEWS: Outrageous: Pro-life prayer group banned from hospital

May 19, 2017

CATHOLIC REGISTER: March for Life youth banquet hits all the right notes

May 4, 2017

RHODE ISLAND CATHOLIC: New Planned Parenthood site calls for renewed mission for pro-life community

May 3, 2017

NEW ZEALAND CATHOLIC: 40 Days for Life can be last line of defence

May 1, 2017

LIFE SITE NEWS: Pope Francis praises pro-life cause: “There is no more important work”

April 26, 2017

CBN NEWS: 13,000 unborn babies saved during 40 Days for Life prayer campaign

April 24, 2017

LIFE SITE NEWS: Shut down: Louisiana abortion facility that killed 7,482 babies closes for good

April 14, 2017

CLEVELAND TENNESSEE DAILY BANNER: 91 percent of those visiting New Hope choose life

April 9, 2017

COLUMBIA DAILY TRIBUNE: Anti-abortion activists mark end of 40 Days for Life campaign

April 4, 2017

IOWA STATE DAILY: Guest lecturer and pro-life advocate Sue Thayer discusses shift in beliefs about abortion

ARLINGTON CATHOLIC HERALD: Bishop Burbidge leads prayer outside Falls Church abortion clinic

April 3, 2017

BC CATHOLIC: Adoption motivates mom to join pro-life activism

April 1, 2017

WORCESTER TELEGRAM: Pro-life activist appeals for a few good Catholic men

March 31, 2017

LIFE SITE NEWS: 40 Days for Life is saving babies all around the world: A report from Scotland

March 30, 2017

CBN NEWS: Pro-life efforts: Lives saved, abortion clinics closed, workers converted

LIFE SITE NEWS: Young activists working to end abortion in Croatia

March 29, 2017

BRISBANE CATHOLIC LEADER: Numbers of people praying outside Brisbane abortion clinic in Lent on the rise

March 21, 2017

CENTRALIA CHRONICLE: Demonstrators rally for and against access to abortions

March 17, 2017

SCOTTISH CATHOLIC OBSERVER: Aberdeen bishop rejects criticism of university chaplaincy

March 11, 2017

PORTSMOUTH HERALD: 40 Days for Life promotes alternatives to abortion

March 7, 2017

BBC NEWS: Queen’s Medical Center ban plea over anti-abortion protest

March 6, 2017

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER: The 40 days of Lent are 40 Days for Life

March 4, 2017

12 NEWS WESTCHESTER: Pro-life activists rally in White Plains

March 3, 2017

BOSTON PILOT: Counter abortion with love, says 40 Days for Life prayer launch speaker

SCOTTISH CATHOLIC OBSERVER: Stand for life this Lent, bishop urges

March 2, 2017

THE BLAZE: 40 Days for Life kicks off Lenten prayer campaign outside abortion clinics

March 1, 2017

MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL APPEAL: Kickoff rally for 40 Days for Life campaign

WBBH-TV / FORT MYERS: Activists begin 6-week protest at Naples Planned Parenthood

February 28, 2017

WASHINGTON TIMES: Pro-life activists begin 40 Days for Life outreach

LIFE SITE NEWS: 40 Days for Life will be on the lookout

February 25, 2017

ALBANY TIMES-UNION: Group in Schenectady aims to be last defense before abortions

February 24, 2017

CENTRALIA CHRONICLE: 40 Days for Life: Mossyrock woman says her mother went against advice to abort two babies

February 23, 2017

LAS CRUCES SUN-NEWS: Anti-abortion protesters move 40-day vigil to Santa Teresa

February 17, 2017

WORCESTER CATHOLIC FREE PRESS: Billboards share pro-life message

February 16, 2017

LAS CRUCES BULLETIN: International pro-life leader to visit southern NM

February 13, 2017

CBN: “Not my choice”: Pro-lifers protest having to fund Planned Parenthood

GLASGOW EVENING TIMES: Pro-life campaigners to hold silent protests outside Glasgow hospital for second year

February 11, 2017

NPR: Protests against Planned Parenthood rouse dueling rallies nationwide

WBRC-TV / BIRMINGHAM: Pro-life activists in Birmingham join hundreds of anti-abortion rallies across country

February 6, 2017

BRYAN EAGLE: Vatican official praises 40 Days for Life in Bryan visit