September 25 - November 3

San Luis Obispo, CA United States

Take a stand for life

From September 25 to November 3, our community will take part in 40 Days for Life … a groundbreaking, coordinated international mobilization. We pray that, with God’s help, this will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and beyond.

Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
Planned Parenthood
743 Pismo Street
San Luis Obispo, California

The parking available around this facility is metered. You may park on the surrounding neighborhood streets or in the parking structure on Marsh Street.

Upon joining us on the sidewalk in front of the facility, please present yourself prayerfully within the first three metered parking areas. This is our key focus area. Transition and talking areas will be under the tree at the north end of the sidewalk, and by the 40 Days vehicle at the south end. You are welcome to place your extra items here during your vigil time.

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