VIDEO: 3 things to say

If you’re like me, your first time to go pray at an abortion facility will be difficult. There will always be hesitation … and even a little fear.

The comforting thing about participating in 40 Days for Life is that you just have to show up and pray. You don’t have to say anything to anyone but God.

However, sometimes couples going in for an abortion may come up to you and ask for help. What follows is often critical for the future of that baby’s life. It’s an important conversation … but not a complicated one.

To help, Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, has put together a quick video on three things to say to a woman considering abortion. These are simple and effective … and they just might save a life!

  • Brian Hoff

    HUG. Help, Ultrasound, God

  • pat sammon

    thank you Robert, so simple and clear.
    god bless you

  • Eileen T Peterson

    Wonderful, Robert. It is always vital to keep the message simple when the cross seems too heavy to carry. God Bless You!