VIDEO: Blessed are the peacemakers

Like you, I was heartbroken at the news of shootings at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs on Friday, November 27th. I’ve prayed with the local 40 Days for Life team outside that facility on several occasions, making it very vivid and personal for me.

While there is still much ambiguity regarding the shooter’s motivations and intended targets, three people are dead and nine others wounded following his violent actions at that Planned Parenthood abortion center.

Here are a few thoughts following this tragedy:

FIRST, we must pray for everyone affected by this senseless act of violence.

SECOND, we must continue to oppose all violence and attacks against human life, including the actions of the gunman in Colorado.

And THIRD, we must increase our resolve and dedication to using only peaceful and prayerful efforts as the antidote to abortion.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always stressed that, when identifying an injustice to the world, one must also point people to the non-violent solution to that injustice.

Dr. King emphasized that nonviolence is the courageous path — it seeks to defeat injustice and not people … by winning friendship and understanding … by choosing love, and not hate.

Before a person participates in 40 Days for Life, they must sign a Statement of Peace, resolving to only engage in peaceful, legal, and Christlike activities in response to abortion.

That 100% non-violent commitment is why, through your courageous participation in peaceful, law-abiding 40 Days for Life campaigns, God has saved 11,165 babies and changed the hearts of 127 abortion workers.

Watch the video above with the official 40 Days for Life response to the Colorado tragedy … and an interview with Jewels Green, former abortion worker turned pro-life advocate, who provides vital context and clarity for this situation.

In the wake of this violence, let’s remember that Jesus told us, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” He has indeed blessed our peaceful and prayerful efforts … and we’re confident that He will continue to do so when this work is done for His greater glory.

  • susan d

    Thank you. These shootings are a betrayal of everything we stand for. God forgive him. God give grace to all the victims. God give healing to our community.

  • Suzanne Marienau

    This video is just what many need to see and hear, especially in light of the shootings at the Colorado Planned Parenthood facility. Those of us who are truly pro-life know that 2 wrongs never make a right, and that the senseless actions of the shooter are in direct opposition to what Jesus Christ would have us do when trying to change hearts and minds about abortion. I pray for all the victims & their families, and I pray for the shooter as well, that he would repent of his actions and would turn to Jesus Christ for help and forgiveness.
    Jewels Green and Abby Johnson are 2 perfect examples of hearts and minds that have been unhardened by the loving, peaceful, prayerful actions of pro-life people who are Christ-like in their response to abortion workers and those who have had abortions or are contemplating having one. 40 Days For Life and it’s peaceful, prayer filled approach has proven to be a tremendous success when it comes to saving the lives of unborn babies and helping people see for themselves that abortion is wrong. This just reinforces that following Jesus Christ and doing His Will in everything is the only way that we as humans can do anything good.

  • Joan Gorman

    Thank you very much for sharing this. It was very well done. I will share it with my friends.
    I know that the Manassas 40 days for life people changed hearts and minds through love and
    compassion. Keep up your wonderful work,

  • disqus_KXqeZMikzj

    Oh my gosh, this beautiful woman brought tears to my eyes!!! What a beautiful testimony—God bless her and 40 days for life and I pray for all PP employees for their conversion….

  • Sophie

    Fantastic interview. I really appreciate Jewels’ candor. I believe she is like a lot of people in pro-choice activism and in the abortion industry — hurting women looking for validation for their own past abortions. It’s this weird kind of Stockholm Syndrome, where the very industry that hurt them is the one they devote their lives to and viciously defend.

  • GardenMum13

    thank you both for your wonderful work.

  • Sharon Ostrye

    Excellent from beginning to end. Very informative and touching. I learned more about 40 Days, much I did not know.

  • salesgirl

    David….and everyone who keeps peaceful prayer vigil during the 40 Days for Life and year round…..God bless you for doing the right thing…always….even when no one will listen….even when they will persecute you for it. It’s sick enough that they kill babies….beyond sick that they will likely try to use this tragedy to make baby killers out to be some kind of saintly martyrs, just like they did with Tiller.

  • Marie Bowen

    Thank you for this truly wonderful video response. I couldn’t agree more with your pledge to peaceful prayerful presence and I have signed it and participated in 40 Days vigils in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t agree more with Jewels Green that “we want to offer nonviolent solutions” to women with a problem pregnancy and that each of us must do something to meet her needs and assist her in choosing life to her baby.

  • Elisa Fernholz

    This is a wonder video of conversion. Praise God. I have always been pro life but not very active in the movement. I recently took a new job which I prayed to God for me be hired to help me have a less stressful job. Well, God did grant me this but little did I know, that He had much bigger plans for me. At my new job I don’t work 5 days a week. I only work 2 or 3 and because of this I have been able to get more involved in 40 days for Life. I am praying outside of PP almost every Wednesday from 1-3 and I can also pray on Tuesday mornings at the Hodes/Nauser clinic which is still performing D&E abortions. I feel so much more fulfilled then ever in my life. All those that I have met or work with through 40 Days are such beautiful people. Thanks to all of you and especially you, Dave, for your love and commitment to saving lives, all lives. I am as you said reaping a harvest not just in saved lives by in my own soul. Peace of Christ to all.

  • Mila Montelongo

    Wow!!! Very good video and testimony, I learned more about why saving baby’s life it is our responsability.