PODCAST #60: Brits, the Super Bowl and fear

Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun as they discuss ways of countering the fear of praying outside an abortion center … just one week before the launch of a brand-new 40 Days for Life campaign.

  • Douglas Wallace

    fear of confrontation. no, pro-lifers do not confront. womens’ rights advocates confront prolifers. that is the fear. 2/11/17, we were shouted down in Portland OR by over 100 very emotional opponents. Jesus Christ was insulted and spit on by the crowds. I Pray for the strength to respond as Jesus did: “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”

  • Paulette Matthews

    I had offered help and hope to potential clients of a private abortionist when I lived in Mi. before 40 Days for Life became into existence. I knew what you should know to help a women.

    We moved to Pa and in 2007 my church rep asked me if I would go and pray for an hour in front of PP in West Chester. I said I do to know where PP is and I do not know where I could send people to get help. He gave me a map and some hand outs. I was so brave my husband and I took the middle of the night hours from 1AM to 5AM. No one else signed up for the middle of the night hours. Certainly we would not have to talk to anyone and that turned out to be true.
    We became braver and went when we knew someone else was going to be there to see how they actually try to help the potential clients.
    2 Campaigns later the woman who ran the 40 Days could no longer do it and my husband and I were asked to take her place. I depended heavily on the local pro-life group for help and I felt I had to be down in front of PP a lot more when I could.
    I have lost all my fear as I learned people are more intimidated by a sign that says PRAY TO END ABORTION than I am of them. (The power of prayer)
    When people are rude to me, I know they are not rejecting me but the Lord and His message so I just wave and smile and thank them for noticing me and to pray for the children and their families.
    And when they stop to talk I rely on all the information that 40 Days provides. the pro-life apologetics websites and Scott Klusendorf advice that I learned on the internet.
    I also spend a lot of time in front of PP thinking about how Jesus felt when He was rejected. He just accepted their decisions and kept to his mission that His Father sent Him on earth to accomplish. So there is no right or wrong, You are just representing Jesus and you will receive the grace you need when the time comes for what ever.

    This sounds nuts even to me but at the beginning of one of the campaigns, I started to walk on the concrete in front of PP and realized that I knew the cracks and missing pieces of concrete and sprigs of grasses that struggles to grow and I felt as home with the Lord as anyone does in church.
    God Bless. I know you are on the sidewalk praying also so we are never really alone.