September 23 - November 1

Norwich, CT United States

Vigil Location

Dear Pro-LIFE Supporter,

This campaign the Bishop has directed all local parishes to conduct a restricted campaign.

So for this year we will be running a 12 hour/day - 40 Days for LIFE Campaign in front of 12 Case Street.
We will not be having sign ups for 24 hours per day for this year.
The Campaign will be conducted a little different this year. We will be using online sign ups only for 12 hour days.
When you first register online you will automatically be completing a Statement of Peace, just scroll down when it appears when you select your time to pray.
Once you have registered online you may sign up for committed hours or praying at Case Street.
We will not be soliciting local parishes to "Adopt-a-Day"
Any parish that has already requested to "Adopt-a-Day" will be listed on that day for the online sign ups but I will not be coordinating the hours with that parish and it will be the sole responsibility of that parish to keep track of those who sign up and to ensure that they are not present at the site by themselves and that they are in compliance with the local 40DFL Ground Rules (see below). Any parish wishing to withdraw from their "Adopted Day" may do so by contacting me by phone or email at [email protected] or 860-822-1788.

All prayer warriors are encouraged to bring their own signs, water, Pregnancy Resources list (see below) as none of that will be provided at the site.
Also all prayer warriors are encouraged to bring a friend or family member.

Since we want to be there before they open and be a prayerful presence while they are in operation
(see PP hours below) we will be praying from 7am-7pm. You may sign up online by going to
If you have signed up in the past you can use your same login and password.
If you need assistance with signing up online, please go to or contact me.

Local Plannned Parenthood
Address: 12 Case Street, Norwich, CT 06360
Monday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Wednes 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday Closed
Please keep in mind that there will be no signs provided at the location, there will be no statements of peace at the location, no bin with literature or brochures for handing out, no prayers supplies, no first aid kit, no water provided at the location. As in past years do NOT park anywhere on Case Street. (Please see Ground Rules below)

When signing up online you will see hours posted starting at 7am and concluding with the 6-7pm hour.
If the hour is gray, then no one has signed up for that hour
If the hour is blue, then at least one person has already signed up for that hour

**Please NOTE - If the hour is gray when you sign up, you will likely be there by yourself, we will not be signing anyone else up for that hour.
We recommend NEVER being there by yourself, we recommend bringing someone if you see that you are the only one signed up. No one is required to sign up for an hour that they are uncomfortable with. If you pick an hour that is blue, it is more likely that you will not be alone, but remember, sometimes people don't show for the hour they sign up for so you may still be alone. (so bring someone!)

There will be no pro-LIFE signs, papers, bin or supplies at the site, so please feel free to leave when your time praying is complete. And know that you may not have someone relieving you the following hour. Please feel free to bring your own sign (no graphic signs please)

We will not be having any additional planning meeting prior to the Campaign.
We will be having the Vigil Mass at the Cathedral with Rev. Msgr. Les Janik V.G., on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. Please invite others!
We will be accepting donations of baby wipes and diapers on Sept. 22nd at the Cathedral.
We will have 40 Days for LIFE signs available at the Cathedral, it is recommended that you purchase a sign at that time as there will not be signs at the 12 Case Street location.

Below is a Statement of Peace for anyone who wishes to complete one on paper. It can be emailed back to me or by US mail to:
40 Days for Life
Attn: Brian Daly
PO Box 72
Baltic, CT 06330

Please sign up online to PRAY as you are able...
Please PRAY and FAST for the BABIES, their parents and relatives, and the medical personnel that are killing these precious innocent lives that are made in the image and likeness of GOD!
HE created them for a purpose, just as He created you and I, and He LOVES them, just as He LOVES you and I.

Jeremiah 1:4-5:
The word of the LORD came to me, saying,
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart...,"

I would like to THANK YOU all for all your help with the Campaign over the years. I want to express my deep gratitude to all who have supported, prayed and fasted over the last 8 years.

Thank you for your prayers and dedication for LIFE this year and over the years!


Public right-of-way outside
Planned Parenthood
12 Case Street
Norwich, Connecticut

If you have questions or to sign up to pray or for more information, please contact:
Brian Daly at 860-822-1788 or at [email protected]

Thank you for your support, prayers and dedication for LIFE!!!
His peace,
Brian Daly



1. When you register online you automatically complete a Statement of Peace to participate in this year’s campaign. Hand written Statements of Peace are available by contacting [email protected]

2. You are welcome to bring your own sign. No signs are provided except by contacting [email protected]
No Graphic Signs allowed.

3. We can only pray on the sidewalk. The sidewalk is public property.

4. Do not sit on the benches in front of the building or on the wall along the sidewalk/parking lot. This is private property.

5. You can stand or keep moving while praying. The important thing is that we do not block the sidewalk for anyone passing by.

6. You cannot sit in chairs or benches in front of Planned Parenthood. However, if you need to sit, you may bring a chair and sit on the sidewalk away from any obstructions. Very important, please remember do not block the mailbox or the sidewalk for anyone passing by.

7. Parking is available at the Commuter Parking Lot on West Town Street across from the gas stations. We cannot park in any of the parking lots on Case Street as they are private property. Please do not walk through the medical office building parking lot on Case Street if you are parking/visiting/patronizing Friendly’s.
Also do not park at Chelsea Insurance Agency (They are very generous to us in hanging our banner, but they have limited parking for their customers and employees- thank you.)

8. Please be prayerful and peaceful at all times. We are not confrontational, we are there to pray.

9. Please sign up online to pray at

10. Report all issues to the Norwich Police at 860-886-5561. Note the time, date, and description of the vehicle, plate number and person for any incident reported. Please also contact Brian Daly at 860-822-1788 or [email protected] Any Emergencies, call 911.

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Birthright of New London
300 State St., Room 317
New London, Connecticut 06320
Phone: 860-443-6205

Women's Center of Eastern CT
968 Main Street
Willimantic CT 6226
Phone: 860-450-8073

Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center
32 Huntington Street
New London CT 06320
Phone: 860-448-2990

Women's Center of Eastern CT
553 Hartford Pike, Suite 211
Dayville CT 6241
Phone: 860-779-0218

St Gerard Center for Life
22 Maple Avenue, 2nd Floor
Hartford CT 6114
Phone: 860-205-7178

Your Life Matters Pregnancy Center
341 Main Street
Southbridge MA 1550
Phone: 508-764-6404

Birthright of Windham
122 Valley St.
Willimantic, Connecticut 06226
Phone: 860-456-9495

ABC Women's Center, Inc
180 East Main Street
Middletown CT 6457
Phone: 860-344-9292

Mother of Life Center
400 Atwells Avenue
Providence RI 2909
Phone: 401-421-0820

In Our Blessed Mother's Arms
340 Whitney Ave.
New Haven CT 6557
Phone: 203-886-6736

Saint Gianna Pregnancy Resource Center
100 Whitney Ave.
New Haven CT 6510
Phone: 203-624-BABY(2229)

***Please print this and take it with you!
Or store these contacts in your phone
Please remember these Centers rely on your generosity for donations and volunteering
Please consider sharing your blessings with them

Due to parental notification laws, keep in mind that some Mothers in need may be traveling some distance to Norwich CT
So there are many other resource centers that will assist them in other states also. Please be prayerful, kind and understanding with anyone at 12 Case Street.

Statement of Peace

I, ____________________________________________, testify to the following:
Print Name

• I will only pursue peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion when volunteering with the 40 Days for Life campaign
• I will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all (abortion facility or Planned Parenthood) employees, volunteers, and customers
• I understand that acting in a violent or harmful manner immediately and completely disassociates me from the 40 Days for Life campaign
• I am in no way associated with Planned Parenthood, its affiliates or any abortion provider

While standing in the public right-of-way in front of (abortion facility or Planned Parenthood location):

• I will not obstruct the driveways or sidewalk while standing in the public right of way
• I will not litter on the public right-of-way
• I will closely attend to any children I bring to the prayer vigil
• I will not threaten, physically contact, or verbally abuse (abortion facility or Planned Parenthood) employees, volunteers or customers
• I will not damage private property
• I will cooperate with local authorities

Signature: _________________________________Date:__________________

Address: _________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________ State: _____________ Zip:___________
E-mail: __________________________________________________________
(please print legibly – thank you!)

Church or organization: _____________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________________
 Home  Work  Cell

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