PODCAST #55: RU-486 abortions can be reversed

Join Shawn Carney and Steve Karlen as they talk about Planned Parenthood and the RU-486 abortion pill … and hear the remarkably encouraging story of Rebekah Buell, who took the first of the two-pill chemical abortion regimen, then realized what she had done — and sought out a doctor who was able to save her son.


ROADMAP 2017 webcast is TONIGHT!

The momentum is building! And we’re ready to announce plans to stop Planned Parenthood’s aggressive strategy … on tonight’s ROADMAP 2017 online event! This is your last chance to sign up. This is going to be an information-packed hour that...


Planned Parenthood’s looming storm

Abortion is a serious business. Just ask the largest abortion provider in the United States, Planned Parenthood. They do 160 abortions for every adoption referral … with $538 million of your tax dollars! This makes up 40% of their total...

PODCAST #54: Melissa Ohden — meet an abortion survivor

Join Shawn Carney and Steve Karlen as they introduce a woman who survived an attempt to end her life in the womb. Melissa Ohden’s birth mother was coerced into having an abortion … but the “procedure” did not work. Listen to this amazing story, which Melissa describes as “God’s plan”!


Let’s get started!

2017 is here … and it’s time to get to work! Given the new political climate, what does 2017 look like where you live? What new strategy does Planned Parenthood have for your community? What can you do — in...


Thank you!

Last week, we closed applications for leading the 40 Days for Life campaigns that will take place between March 1 and April 9. We are excited to announce that we will have the largest spring campaign yet! Thank you! Of...


10 tools to help you end abortion

Do you want to save more lives in 2017 and help end abortion where you live? As you get ready to make your pro-life resolutions for 2017, listen to the Top ten 40 Days for Life podcast episodes (#1 may...