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Fulton Sheen famously called Holy Week “the week that changed the world.” Holy Week holds special significance in the struggle to end abortion. The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are felt and reflected upon outside of an abortion…

Abortion…and the week that changed the world–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 16

Topics We Cover On This Episode

The largest-ever Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign is complete. We know of hundreds of babies are alive and well today because of YOUR prayers, fasting, and peaceful vigil.

Now the Christian world enters Holy Week–the week that changed the world. On this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Robert Colquhoun, and Steve Karlen discuss the fruits of the campaign, the special significance Holy Week has for pro-lifers, the Good Friday miracle in Milwaukee, and where we go from here.

Holy Week changed the world--and it has special significance for pro-lifers. We discuss God's blessings on the now-completed #40daysforlife campaign, Holy Week and more on the #40daysforlife podcast. #prayforlife #prolife #abortion Click To Tweet

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DAY 40: Why we pray

You’ve been through a lot these last 40 days. Campaign kickoff events and movie premieres. Rain, wind, sleet, and snow. Thumbs up and middle fingers. Smiles and scowls. You’ve rejoiced with moms who’ve chosen life for their babies. You’ve allowed...

DAY 39: Abortion devastates communities

Abortion is a decision that devastates entire communities. In Southeast Florida, a Latino couple entering their abortion appointment refused offers of help from vigil participants. After the abortion, the man exited the facility while seven Latino prayer warriors knelt on...

DAY 38: This is a first!

Today we share something that has never happened as we close out the largest spring campaign ever! An expectant mother visited the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania vigil site, asking to speak with one particular sidewalk counselor she had met a few weeks...

DAY 37: Drove from theater to vigil

Unplanned is bringing unprecedented numbers of new volunteers to pray in front of their local abortion businesses. A group of moviegoers who saw the film’s 9:30 showing in Green Bay, Wisconsin went right to the vigil–arriving at 12:30 a.m.! Meanwhile,...

DAY 36: The difference is prayer

Prayer works. When a young woman visited Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas to schedule an abortion, the situation looked bleak. She had already visited a pregnancy help center…but left as determined as ever to abort. While she was inside the...

DAY 35: Unplanned’s impact on the sidewalk

We prayed, hoped, and worked to make it happen–and it did! The Unplanned film has brought MORE volunteers to YOUR lifesaving efforts on sidewalks in front of abortion facilities than ever before. That means more lives saved, more abortion centers…

How UNPLANNED is already saving lives–PODCAST Season 4, Episode 15

Topics We Cover On This Episode

For months, the pro-life world has been preparing for the release of the Unplanned film.

Now we are beginning to see the fruits of the film. Not only do we have reports of hearts and minds changed coming in from coast to coast, but we also have reports of babies saved from abortion–because of the film!

On this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Sue Thayer, and Steve Karlen discuss the film’s surprisingly strong performance and stories of the impact it’s making.

The #Unplanned film stunned Hollywood at the box office! We discuss the movie, its impact, and even confirmed lives saved from he film on the #40daysforlife podcast. #prayforlife #prolife #abortion Click To Tweet

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